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iStand – standing your iPhone

More often than you think you need, you need to keep your iPhone standing on an angle. Most frequently, it’s for my three year old daughter who’s watching a video on iPhone while waiting for the food to come, or it can be just me wanting to keep it standing next to my computer while it plays Pandora. Yesterday, while strolling around in Japan town in San Francisco, I was very glad to discover this. Picture says it all – it is simple, elegant, and it just makes sense (which is the key characteristic of a good design). The only down side is its portability as it is a bit bulky to put in your pocket. I just went ahead and bought a few ($5 each). One will stay in wife’s handbag, another one at my office, and one may just be roaming elsewhere.

I did some quick online search and found it on, but if you live in the bay area (lucky us), it might be the easiest to drop by the New People store.

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