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iStand – standing your iPhone

More often than you think you need, you need to keep your iPhone standing on an angle. Most frequently, it’s for my three year old daughter who’s watching a video on iPhone while waiting for the food to come, or it can be just me wanting to keep it standing next to my computer while it plays Pandora. Yesterday, while strolling around in Japan town in San Francisco, I was very glad to discover this. Picture says it all – it is simple, elegant, and it just makes sense (which is the key characteristic of a good design). The only down side is its portability as it is a bit bulky to put in your pocket. I just went ahead and bought a few ($5 each). One will stay in wife’s handbag, another one at my office, and one may just be roaming elsewhere.

I did some quick online search and found it on, but if you live in the bay area (lucky us), it might be the easiest to drop by the New People store.

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Three types of business leaders – Startup, Managers & Extraordinaire

Here’s my new hypothesis. There are three types of business leaders:

  • Startup type,
  • Managers, and
  • The Extraordinaire.

Startup type can start a business from scratch by building something, acquiring customers, and continuously iterating the business model. This type of business leaders enjoy creating something new and creative, and thrive in a small team environment (1~150 employees) where decisions are made quickly and things get done quickly.

Manager type may have some professional training such as MBA. These are the leaders who can take mid to large businesses to the next level. These are the leaders such as Jack Welch who can see the big picture of the business and industry, come up with a strategy, and know how to strategically maneuver within the web of complexity to execute on the strategy.

The Extraordinaire are those who can start from scratch, build and iterate on the business model, and know how to bring the business to the next level several more times. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Howard Schultz, and Jeff Bezos come to mind.

If this hypothesis is correct, would it be a good idea to know which type you are and evaluating whether you are in the right environment?

A few more questions:

Could Jack Welch have been as successful had he started his own business?

What differentiates the Extraordinaire from the startup types? What are the core sets of unique characteristics of the Extraordinaire that startup type does not have?

Your hack at my hypothesis is welcomed!

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Mobile UI Design – What’s the Primary Action?

This is a screenshot of the Mashable iPhone app.

When you open up an article and scroll down as you read it, the back button on top left gets hidden. When you want to get back, you have to tab somewhere on the screen, and with some irregular delay, the back button comes back.

Here, designer should have known that the Back button should be the primary target and make the target area larger than the email link just below it. (If possible, should have considered not having any other interaction near the primary target.)

Try it out.