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iPad iOS Update – How to Skip Backup

Yes. It’s that time again – new iOS, version 4.2, has come out and we want to get it on our iPads for the multi-tasking goodness (and I’ve been waiting for the Korean input support – really? Apple? I had to wait this long?).

As I got closer to the moment of truth – when I would have to go through the dreaded update process, the horrible memories of having to mindlessly wait for long minutes, sometimes exceeding an hour, only to realize that the backup could not be completed and the update process had been failed came all back to me. When you try to cancel out of just the backup process, it just doesn’t work! (First of all, Apple, get on with it and get this process up in the cloud so that we don’t have to hook up these iDevices to computers.)

Did some search and found this:


1. Close iTunes (if you haven’t)
2. Install this BackOff and run it
3. Click on ‘Turn Off’ button so that it shows the red light
4. Open iTunes and click ‘Update’ for your iPad
5. Backup step is entirely skipped and it proceeds to iOS 4.2 upgrade process!

What puzzles me most is why Apple designers and engineers didn’t think about making this backup process optional. When I look at my iPad data, I really don’t have much that I can lose especially given the fact that iPad doesn’t have a camera. Most of the apps are synced to the cloud, so I don’t have any fear of losing important data.

Hopefully Apple gets on with the age and puts this iTunes in the cloud soon. (Soon!)


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