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Quick Review: iOS 5 & iCloud [Video]

Okay – today, using my developer license, I was able to get my iPad 1 and iPhone 4 updated to iOS 5.

[plrease skip over this paragraph if you don’t have a developer license]
I encountered the update error (3002), and after numerous software updates and reboots, eventually found one blog comment that said, ‘alt+restore’ to restore to factory setting of iOS5, and then it will lead you to ‘restore from backup’ flow to get all the data and configuration back, which saved my day. (So, be sure to back up when prompted, and then go ahead with ‘alt+restore’ and point it to .ipsw file from the ‘mounted’ dmg file.
[/end of please skip over]

Enjoy the YouTube video below as I did a quick review of iOS 5 and iCloud:

Quick Review – iOS5 & iCloud

I was using another iPhone 4 to capture the video and I have to admit – it was not that easy. Will do more of these and hopefully I’ll get better at it. Hope you enjoyed.

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