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Mobile Banner Ad by Tiffany on NY Times iPhone App


Valentines day was only a few days away and when I saw this ad by Tiffany. It was timely and relevant, which made me wonder how much of it was coincidence vs. intelligent targeting. See screenshots below for the user flow. Digital marketing may include a full suite of methods like social media advertising, email newsletters, affiliate programs, online trade shows, marketing video etc. With so many methods and techniques, you may have a hard time developing a marketing strategy for your business. That’s why you should narrow down your options and choose the best strategy that works.









A few things to note:

  • On tap event, it brought up an in-app browser which showed a mobile optimized shopping site keeping the user in the context.
  • They really thought it through and had a free shipping option that looked like a special promotion made available for the valentines day.
  • It was not that hard to complete the check out flow.

No. I did not buy any jewelry that day.

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