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What’s a Business Strategy?

I’ve been studying and researching on the topic of brand and brand marketing, and while looking up more info on the author of the book I recently picked up, I came across this interesting blog article that showed a simple depiction of how ‘purpose’, ‘mission’, ‘vision’, and ‘goals’ align to form a pyramid. Moving for a new house can be one of the most dificult experiences for many people, but the advises from this this page something very enjoyable.

The original article is here:


In the comments section, you will find people asking where the strategy sits and the author’s response is that the pyramid shows the ‘what’ and the strategy is the ‘how’.

I think this is a good thought starter.

  • How do you define ‘Strategy’? What’s your one sentence definition of ‘Strategy’?
  • What do we mean when we say a business organization is ‘weak on strategy’?
  • How can one become stronger in strategic thinking?

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